Basic Photography Class

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COST: $81 PLUS WORKBOOK $18.00  –  ($99 TOTAL)






This will be a fun class; not a techie class. Our basic photography class is a 4 week program that will have you taking better pictures. We will talk about the reason we take pictures in the first place. This base level program will introduce you to your camera in a more detailed way. We will provide shooting tips and pitfalls to avoid. Assignments will be provided each week to help you understand your camera and confirm that you have a grasp on the lessons taught each week.

A fifth week bonus class will give you an opportunity to see the fruits of your labor. Each person will submit one image taken during the 4 week course. We will display your work and each person will have an opportunity to tell us a little bit about their image. There will be prizes!

What do I need for this course? Any camera will do from your cell phone to a digital SLR. Having your camera could be helpful, bring it along if you have it. This course is about taking better pictures with the camera you have.

This course will be limited to 15 people. Studio doors will open a half hour before each class start time. If you have a question or need help with your camera this ½ hour time slot will allow time for answers to your questions.

Course Outline

Week One

Introduction to photography – this is not a computer class, that will come later

Why are you here? 

Let’s learn about your camera – camera modes, resolution white balance and ISO,

what do they mean?

Easy tips for taking better pictures from a pro

Your weekly assignment and how to upload your picture for critiquing. 

(Assignments due 24 hrs. before class)

Week Two

Action photos, why are they blurry? Where did they go? 

Limitations of your equipment and how to compensate.

Three new tips for better sports and action photos.

Your weekly assignment

Week Three

Composition of your images

How to analyze your scene, vertical or horizontal?

To center or not to center

The rule of thirds

Taking more than one angle or position

How close or how far?

Your weekly assignment

Week Four

Exposure, it’s too light, it’s too dark, it’s just right!

Ways to adjust exposure with your camera 

How to read a histogram (I know this is a little techie but you can handle it)

Blinking highlights, what are they and what do they mean?

Other ways to improve exposure on post processing (using your computer)

Three more tips

Your weekly assignment

Week Five – Bonus Night

Print display and a time to review and celebrate, ask questions and find out what other courses are available.


The Fine print… All courses are prepaid to reserve your spot. If you need to cancel you may receive a full refund less a $10 cancellation fee if you cancel 7 or more days prior to the first day of class. If you cancel less than 7 days before class you will be credited the full amount less the $10 cancellation fee towards a future class or lab credit for prints, photo books and more.

Classes now forming, call for available dates and to reserve your spot

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